A livestock brand, the Burnsini Vineyards logo is a nod to the agricultural history of the hills and valleys surrounding the vineyard.

The lazy B reflects the laid-back attitude at the winery and the intertwined goblets connect the founding of the winery by Tom Burnham and Jim Tomasini to the future crafted by owner and winemaker Brandi Greene.

This logo will be forged into an iron brand by Tom for Brandi to use on the oak barrels. Look for the brand at the next barrel tasting.


The Burnsini Story as it begins…

Tom Burnham and Jim Tomasini established the vineyard and winery in Cottonwood, California in 2000. The wine making hobby quickly became an obsession. Their passion inspiring their family and friends to prune the vines and gather for the vineyard’s Spring Fling celebration. Each Fall, they would return to pick and press grapes and share stories at the Harvest Festival. The friendships grown at the Burnsini Vineyard are commemorated on the label’s top selling Zinfandel, Merlot, and Petite Sirah blend titled Friends.

and continues…

A new age is dawning after the retirement of Tom, the founding winemaker. The vineyard and property now owned by wine enthusiast Beth Lemke. The Burnsini legacy of high quality wines and a ruckus good time now under the ownership and direction of Northstate local and chemist Brandi Greene.