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Dessert Wine - Petite Sirah

Friends - August 2013 Release

A special wine created by Burnsini Vineyards dedicated to all our Vineyard and Winery volunteers who have helped us all these years. You have our heartfelt thanks!

Sold at select locations.

50% Zin, 33% Merlot, 17% Petite Sirah
2010 El Toro Sangiovese

In its debutante appearance, this sweet and sassy 2010 Sangiovese will charm you with its strawberry color, zesty pepper, and lightly toasted oak flavors. Aged in French and American oak, its light, floral aromas lead to delightful, well-balanced berry flavors. Engaging and easy-drinking, the 2010 Sangiovese will leave you feeling young at heart.

Petite Sirah

Hearty, dark and complex, the 2009 Burnsini Petite Sirah is a food group all by itself. Dark berries, spice and American oak, the perfect presentation of light tannins with a smooth finish. Steer will compete for space on your plate for the privilege of being served with this wine.

A bold mouthful of wine that can corral the strong flavors of steak, spicy cultural foods and that dark chocolate delight you want for dessert!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Smooth baby, smooth. Donít wait too long to tap this 2009 Burnsini Cabernet Sauvignon. Right from the start this Cabernet offers a smoky, spicy mouthful of dark berries. French and American oak aromas and vanilla flavors from barrel aging fill the mouth, but are not too tannic.

The 2006 Burnsini Cabernet will happily share a meal with rib-eye steak, lamb or game such as venison or appetizers such as sharp cheddar or blue cheese.


Donít be afraid of this 2009 zesty Zinfandel. Itís refreshing bouquet comes on strong with cherry and red pepper aromas and berry flavors with mild oak overtones, yet is approachable and light. It has a spicy, smooth finish and will age very well.

It pairs well with grilled beef or spicy barbecued pork, rich creamy pastas and baked Italian dishes like lasagna, is friendly with Dry Monterey Jack, Gorgonzola cheeses and loves dark chocolate.

Tehama Red (Zin 75% Cabernet 19% Petite Sirah 6%)

Home of the one and only President of the Bear Flag Republic, William B. Ide, Tehama County was formed in 1856 from the best parts of the original Butte, Colusa and Shasta Counties.

During the Civil War a battle was fought on the main street of Red Bluff. Despite the gun and cannon fire no one was killed. Both sides agreed it was too hot to fight, a time out was called and both sides retired for refreshments. Enjoy this special blend of wine for your refreshment pleasure!


Drink me now! The Burnsini 2009 Merlot is smooth and ready to go. A bouquet of raspberry and violets mature into a ton of flavors. The hint of plum and berries and a touch of chocolate provide a velvety finish.

This Merlot, being a medium-bodied wine, serves well with medium-weight foods such as poultry & roasted game, pork, red meat, salmon, tuna, pastas and salads. Try it with Parmesan, Gouda, Monterey Jack or smoked Provolone cheeses.

You may order Burnsini Wine here or purchase it from a retail location.

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